Temporary hosting for static websites, usable programmatically.

With this service you can create a hosted website simply by uploading a HTML, zip or tar file containing your site (up to 50 MiB) via a HTTP POST. The below curl command will do just that:

curl --data-binary @website.zip https://tmpweb.net

The server will respond with the URL at which your website will be hosted for the next seven days.

tmpweb.net is intended to aid in sharing generated HTML reports and design prototypes. Its source code can be found on GitHub.

If you prefer to manually host something you can upload it below.

Terms and Conditions

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By uploading content to this service you are granting us permission to redistribute it until it is deleted. No other rights are granted, and you retain whatever rights you had to the content.

Uploaded content is deleted approximately 7 days after being uploaded, though there can be up to a 24 hour delay. At our discretion we may delete content sooner. This may be due to receiving a complaint, storage considerations, or any other reason.

The service may temporary collect information such as your IP address to prevent denial of service attacks. This information is not written to permanent storage, and is retained for less than an hour.

This service uses GoatCounter to collect usage statistics. These are anonymised and stored indefinitely. The collected data is:

If you have any questions please contact admin@tmpweb.net.